INOX Technology a.s. was founded in 2008. The company was established by Miloslav Nýdrle, expanding on the work he had begun in 2004.

From its beginnings, INOX has focused on supplying highly specialised custom-designed, small-series machinery and equipment mainly for exhaust systems and air-conditioning units. The company’s production programme covers the full cycle from idea, design, production and assembly to inspection, servicing and technical support.

Alongside our comprehensive specific solutions and high quality, this gives the company a competitive advantage in the market, and has helped us to acquire a position of importance amongst our customers.

The company’s key customers are suppliers to the automotive industry, mainly operating within the Czech market, but also within the European Union. The company’s ambition is to build up a stable and prosperous company in the long-term on the basis of respect for customers and our own employees. At INOX Technology we continuously develop the professional skills of our employees and the level of our equipment, allowing for even higher quality solutions to customer requirements, and consolidating our position in the market.

A milestone in INOX Technology’s history is the arrival of the investor SkyLimit in June 2017 within the shareholding structure. SkyLimit’s strategy is to build up a group of engineering companies so that production, sales and other synergies can be implemented between individual companies.