Our design department offers close collaboration with customers from the very beginning. The results correspond as close as possible to customer requirements and wishes. We produce our designs using Solidworks software.

We offer business partners co-operation in developing new prototype equipment. We always include documents, including operating manuals, with our products.


Our production programme is particularly focused on assembly, welding, monitoring and soldering pieces, and single-purpose machines. These segments comprise 85% of our production volume.

In terms of commodities, our dominant focus has been on air-conditioning units and exhaust systems.

Beyond our production capacities, we utilise the services of co-operating partners, mainly in metalworking, surface treatments and electrics.


Assembly of the resulting equipment takes place within company premises. An undoubted advantage here is our detailed knowledge of the equipment, allowing for subsequent servicing and repairs for the customer.

We offer 3D measuring, including a report. We use labels given descriptions using a fibre laser to mark products.